Perth Airport has around 140,000 aircraft movements per year, the majority of which are international and domestic regular passenger services, mostly medium to large jets. This figure is expected to grow over the next 20 years. Perth Airport is Australia’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic and had 13 million passengers pass through its terminal in 2012.

Noise management

As part of Perth Airport’s ongoing consultative process and as stated in the approved Master Plan 2004, Perth Airport is committed to working with airlines, air traffic controllers and relevant government agencies to manage aircraft noise. A Noise Management Committee was formed to contribute to the development of a Noise Management Strategy for Perth Airport.

Runway use

Runway use at Perth Airport is seasonal. In summer, the wind at Perth Airport tends to be from the west/south west and aircraft take off to the south west and arrive from the north east. In winter the winds at Perth Airport tend to be from the north and aircraft tend to depart to the north and arrive over the south.

Flight paths

Perth suburbs to the north and south of the airport that are aligned with runways and up to 15km from the airport are flown over by arrivals.  Suburbs to the north and south of the airport experience noise from jet departures. When conditions permit the preference is for jets to depart to the south, where they can more easily be routed over non-residential areas to minimise the effect of aircraft noise.

Legend: Red = Jet Arrivals, Green = Jet Departures

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