Cairns Airport has around 100,000 aircraft movements per year and is Australia’s seventh busiest for international passengers. Movements are a mixture of passenger jets, tourist charter flights and training flights. In 2012, 4 million passengers passed through Cairns Airport.

Noise abatement

As is the case with many established airports, a primary management issue for Cairns Airport is balancing urban growth regional development with minimising the impacts on the community and the environment. Noise abatement procedures at the airport involve aircraft being routed to avoid residential areas as far as possible, as well as limitations on circuit training.

Cairns Airport is continuously developing, improving and implementing aircraft noise initiatives that enhance the sustainability of airport operations and minimises noise impacts on the local community.

Flight paths

The majority of aircraft arrivals at Cairns Airport are from the north, mostly over water, and avoid residential areas until the last few kilometres.  Although most departures are to the south, these are directed as quickly as possible over water, so that the only residential areas flown over by jet departures are within 5km of the airport.


Legend: Red = Jet Arrivals, Green = Jet Departures

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