Brisbane Airport has around 200,000 aircraft movements per year, mostly medium sized jets and turbo-props. This number is expected to rise to 350,000 per year by 2029.  The airport had 21 million passengers pass through its terminal in 2012.

Flight paths

Noise abatement procedures are in place for aircraft to arrive from the south and take off to the north over water during the day, and to take off and land over water during the night.

However, wind conditions mean that this is not always possible and suburbs in line with the runways up to about 10km, are flown over by jet arrivals.

While the majority of departures are over water to the north, departures to the south fly over residential areas at altitudes below 5000ft, approximately 1500m. A new parallel runway is expected to be operational by 2018 at Brisbane Airport. This will result in new flight corridors being required.

Brisbane Jet Flight Paths

Legend: Red = Jet Arrivals, Green = Jet Departures

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