Airports work closely with Airservices and airlines in developing and implementing noise abatement procedures to reduce the impact of aircraft landing and taking off. Many airports have also introduced restrictions on ground running.

Noise contour maps

As part of their master planning process, airports are required to produce noise contour maps every five years. These help planning authorities, such as state and local governments, to take aircraft noise exposure into account when making decisions on development proposals.

Community consultation

Airports also have an important role in informing the communities around airports about aviation noise and how it is being managed.  Independently- chaired Community Aviation Consultation Groups (CACGs) have been established at all of Australia’s major airports.

Quarterly Noise Information Reports for Australia’s major airports are also produced by Airservices.  Some airports have also undertaken direct community engagement on changes that might have an impact on aircraft noise, including shopping centre sessions, exhibitions, mail drops and notices in local newspapers. Both Airservices and airports publish information about aircraft noise and noise management on their websites.