Night time flights: Australia’s reliance on aviation for police support, emergency services, medical evaluations, essential freight and transport of fresh produce means that some flights have to take place at night. In addition, in a country the size of Australia, some passenger movements are required at night to ensure that people reach their destinations by the morning. Aircraft curfews are one way of managing night time aircraft noise and providing communities around airports with some respite. The Government is committed to maintaining the existing curfew arrangements at Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Essendon airports. Airservices has produced a factsheet about curfew arrangements at these airports.

In its Aviation White Paper, the Government states that it is conscious of the value of a network of curfew-free airports and has no current intention to introduce additional airport curfews, although it has committed to a formal review of the need for a curfew at Brisbane Airport.

The aviation industry is making improvements to its management of night-time aircraft noise. For example, some airports have implemented ‘fly neighbourly’ agreements, which can include noise abatement procedures to minimise the impact of aircraft movements over residential areas and restrictions on circuit training during the night.