Existing curfew arrangements are in place at Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Essendon airports. 

Aircraft curfews are one way of managing night time aircraft noise and provide communities around airports with some respite. However, operating restrictions such as curfews are considered in the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Balanced Approach as a last resort, after consideration of other measures.

Airservices, airports and airlines work together to minimise noise exposure from aircraft during night-time hours. This includes procedures such as preferred runways and flight paths and using reduced engine thrust when it is safe to do so. However, you may occasionally hear a flight at night.  These night time flights at airports with a curfew are generally police and emergency services, medical evacuations and freight carriers. There may be some passenger movements at night to ensure that people reach their destination by the morning. Information on airport curfews is available from the Department of  Infrastructure and Regional Development.