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What is aircraft noise?

Different types of aircraft generate different types of noise

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How aircraft noise affects people

Each individual reacts differently to noise

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Measuring aircraft noise

Sound is measured in decibels (dB)

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Monitoring aircraft noise

Airservices operates an extensive noise monitoring network

This website is an initiative of Airservices Australia and the Australian Airports Association and is supported by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman and aviation industry.

Aircraft noise can have an impact on everyday activities. This website provides information on the causes of aircraft noise, how the industry is working together to manage it and what people can do to reduce its impact.

The continued growth of the aviation sector is vital for the development of international business, trade and tourism. However, increasing aircraft movements can impact the level of aircraft noise.

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What can I do?

Agencies that can assist you with your aircraft noise inquiries or help you to lodge a complaint. More →

Aircraft operations

Aircraft operations and airport activities More →

Noise at my airport

Find out how your airport is working with the community. More →

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible for what? Who do I need to talk to? More →

Monitoring aircraft noise

How aircraft noise is monitored and reported to the community. More →

Community Consultation

Community Aviation Consultation Groups ensure appropriate community engagement. More →

Common aviation terms

Some of the more common words and phrases used in explaining aircraft operations. More →

Land use planning

Avoiding inappropriate development around airports. More →

Airport curfews

General information about airport curfews

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